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“Love that my attitude about myself and what I am capable of on my own bike changed drastically after level one and even more so with level two.”

“Course is absolutely worth every penny. We had 10 people with different levels of experience – from 30+ years to a guy in his first season… Overall – BIG thumbs up!”
Mongol 777 GTAM Member

“ALL VERY worth it! I feel I’m a much better rider now. I am equipped with greater knowledge of myself and my bike. I surpassed my riding boundaries and feel I’m able to do more now – rider safer/faster/harder whatever combination. Heck I was even dragging knees after lunch! Never done that before.”
Slim GTAM Member

“Whether you have been riding for two years or twenty, there is always room for improvement… makes riding safer and more fun.”
Glenn Roberts – Motorcycle Mojo Magazine

“I found the Total Control course absolutely amazing.”
Emily Roberts – Motorcycle Mojo Magazine

“Took the Level 1 course last summer at the Hershy Centre on my BMW Light Truck. Took a Tour with Iberian Moto Tours through the mountains of south France and North Italy this Sept. Miles and miles and miles of tight curves and elevation changing switch-backs (lots of em!) Everyday, day after day.
Would not have been able to ride the mountains if I had not taken your course. My mates all commented on how much I had improved big time since our Europe trip in 2011. That is why I took the course. I credited your course for my new found skills. Thank you. Your course built my confidence in myself, the bike, the tires, using the gears, trail braking. Terrific.”
Cheers Tom