Total Control Level 2

Sharp Rider Motorcycle Training » Total Control Level 2

* Prerequisite – Total Control Level 1 (ARC1)

This course builds upon everything learned in ARC Level 1 and moves from proficiency to MASTERY.  Many of the lessons learned in this course can also be used in other parts of your life where you are looking to achieve mastery.  Although there is still some class room work, you will find that Level 2 has more intense range exercises.

  • Riding Psychology (class room)
    Here we will delve deeper into the reasons and motivations of why we ride. We will also explore how to move towards mastery by transcending distinctions.
  • Speed Shifting – UP and DOWN (class room and range exercises)
    These skills make sure you are in the right gear for any given situation.
  • Quick Stops (range exercises)
    Practicing this type of maximum threshold braking could save your life.
  • Refresher of “10 Steps to Proper Cornering” (range exercises)
    Opportunity to review the right position for you on your motorcycle.
  • Trail Braking in a Turn (range exercises) 
    This technique is now used approaching a turn and stabilizes the suspension and allows quicker turning.
  • Decreasing Arc Mid-turn (range exercises)
    A combination of different techniques teach you different ways to tighten your turn even in the middle of a turn.
  • Decreasing Radius Turn (range exercise)
    This technique is used when you know it’s a decreasing radius turn, again always minimizing the steering inputs.
  • Chassis Set-up (class room)
    We look at how you can customize from an ergonomic and geometry perspective
  • Total Control Solo (range exercises)
    This has quickly become the favorite part of the course. It is a fun road course that combines all the different skills learned.