TOTAL CONTROL Advanced Riding Clinic (ARC) is an intensive course that teaches High Performance Street Riding Techniques based on the best selling book TOTAL CONTROL which was written by established motorcycle industry expert Lee Parks.

Intermediate Riding Clinic

In the IRC you will learn the critical information and skills to make you better, more knowledgeable and a safer rider. This important next step in rider training will focus on better control of your motorcycle...

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Total Control ARC Level 1

This course is all about proficiency in the art of being a better motorcycle rider, using a step-by-step program where each technique builds on the previous technique. This course follows basic human training - crawl before you walk and walk before you run.

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Total Control ARC Level 2

This course builds upon everything in Level 1 and moves from proficiency to MASTERY. Many of the lessons learned in this course can also be used in other parts of your life where you are looking to achieve mastery. Although there is still some class room work, Level 2 has more intense range exercises.

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